Poplar Ridge Fjord Horses is located in Darwell, Alberta, a quiet farming community approximately one hour West of Edmonton. Our family (Dennis, Aja and 2 daughters Lia and Avery) breed and raise these wonderful horses in the busy setting of our working cattle farm.

Our horses are a big part of our family and daily lives. We have spent years researching and studying the Fjord Horse breed and have selected our horses carefully. We strive to produce high quality Fjord Horses who are athletic enough to do whatever is asked of them while maintaining the breed standard and wonderful temperament that is so vitally important to the breed.

Our small herd has been selected from many farms across the USA and Canada and we feel confident that the animals we produce will have a positive impact on the future of the Fjord Horse in Canada and the USA. Our horses are raised outdoors in a natural setting, we produce our own feed and supplement with only the highest quality products, minerals and vitamins. Aja has a strong background in Veterinary Medicine and as such, our horses are kept on a stringent health and hoof care program.

We typically breed only a few mares annually. It is important to us that the horses we raise are handled gently and regularly and have a solid foundation for their families to build upon.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we love to share these wonderful little horses!

We pride ourselves in the quality of the animals we produce and are extremely vigilant in preserving the amazing temperament the Fjord is so well know for. We breed our mares occasionally, but our focus is in developing our young horses to their highest potential. We are committed to producing quality, athletic horses and selecting stallions for our mares who will compliment their conformation and temperaments.

We welcome you to come meet the amazing horses that have stolen our hearts!

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